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4. Target Configuration


Name:  You can re-name your target to something that makes more sense to you. Especially useful for the Round Builder” where you need to identify specific targets. Consider writing the name on the back of the target as well.

Identifier: The mac address of the target

Target Type: You can change how the target presents it self on the App front screen (should be pre set from factory)

ID: ???

Lane: Please see section on Lanes


Field of view: Increase the score points value of a target if it is in a location that is hard to hit.

Distance: Increase the score points value of a target if it is far away and harder to hit.

Hit Score: Change the default value for a hit.


Ip Address: The IP address of the target

Wireless Network: Change the target’s network Default is “AttackSense”. See “Creating networks and changing them”.

Master Slave Mode: Here you can set a target to be always be the master or a slave, see “Masters & Slaves”

Synchronise Startup Delay: see “Masters & Slaves”



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