8. Target Lanes

Introduction Lanes are a convenient way of running several independent AttackSense systems at the same location and on the same Wireless network or Access Point. With lanes, you can run several systems at once, or combine several lanes together temporarily for large groups or shooting events. For Lanes to work correctly, you need either an …

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6. Masters & Slaves

Menu – Configure targets – Master Slave Mode OptionsAutoMasterSlave As default each target is set to Auto, this means that the target can be a master or slave. If a target when powered finds another target it will automatically become a slave, otherwise it will become a master. There is circumstances where this feature is …

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7. Custom Round Builder For the round builder, it’s a good idea to number or name your targets Target Labelling or numbering Custom rounds are programmed to use specific targets in specific places, so before you begin to create a custom round it is advisable to label targets so you know which target needs to be placed where. …

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1. How the targets work

Welcome to the AttackSense target system Here are some quick notes to help you understand how they work. This will help you understand how the they work wirelessly. Master & Slaves Each AttackSense target system has one Master and multiple Slaves. When ever starting up a target range, select any one of the targets and …

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4. Target Configuration

IDENTITY Name:  You can re-name your target to something that makes more sense to you. Especially useful for the Round Builder” where you need to identify specific targets. Consider writing the name on the back of the target as well. Identifier: The mac address of the target Target Type: You can change how the target …

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3. Round Customisation

All customisations can be saved against the difficulty level Customisations in detail             (s) – seconds Round Number of shots The maximum number of targets that need to be shot in a round. Consider how many BBs you have in your magazine, reduce this for pistols and increase for AEG’s Reveal …

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1. Modes

Tabs Layout uses top categories for its tabs, and therefore, it cannot contain articles. Add your articles to sub-categories. There are two modes that are important to know Guest Mode For casual shooting sessions, does not require shooterID Shooter Mode For competitions, requires a shooter to be entered via a shoter id card, manually or …

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3. Quick Start Guide With Access Point

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2. Starting your first round

Select guest mode Close menu  Choose a single shooter round Keep this as “Target Practise” Difficulty Keep this as level 6 Shot Mode Leave this as Semi-Auto unless you are using a sniper bolt action rifle, then set to Bolt Action Get your self ready and hit the “Begin Round” button The round starts with …

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