Renting range time now got a lot easier with sessions

Running shooting ranges with multiple lanes and managing booking slots can be hard at busy times. Plus, what do you give your customers as a take home after a visit to keep them coming back? AttackSense has the answer with session management. If you rent lanes by the hour or half hour, how to do

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Managing separate leaderboards

AttackSense tracks top scores automatically and separates them for each type of round, this is great for keeping track of leaderboards and with the ShooterID cloud allows your shooters to keep track of their positions while away from the range. But what if you need to separate pistol from rifle, or want a separate table

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Ditch the spreadsheets & whiteboards, and end the frustration of match scoring.

AttackSense delivers complete match automation with integrated scoring and leaderboards. A human chain passing post-it notes, bewildering spreadsheets, a queue of people staring over the shoulder of an annoyed match official squinting into a laptop screen, and of course a whiteboard that’s rarely up to date. These are the hallmarks of a practical shooting match.

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Web casting from your tablet

The AttackSense Commander software produces a web cast that can be viewed on other devices such as TV screens(1) , laptops or other wifi enabled devices. View live data – Shooters can watch the results come in as they wait for their turn ramping up the tension View Round History – Analyse and record round

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Easy creation of ShooterID cards

Create ShooterID cards from the AttackSense Commander app ShooterID is a great way of enabling repeat visitors to a range to recall their profile to continue training. This allows the AttackSense Commander app to log shooting history against users and track progress across repeat visits. The core of ShooterID is a QR code that uniquely

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